Wet 2008 for Phoenix Metro area

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MESA -- The Phoenix metropolitan area had its 14th wettest year on record in 2008 with the most rainfall since 1998.

2008 was Valley's 14th wettest year

The National Weather Service says the Phoenix area had an official precipitation total of 9.58 inches last year -- 25 percent more than the average of 7.66 inches.

Most of the rain could be credited to a soaking monsoon season.

From mid-June through the end of September, the Phoenix area's official gauge took in 5.7 inches.

That made last summer the wettest since 1984 and the 10th-wettest overall.

Arizona has been in a drought since the mid-1990s with nine of the last 13 years seeing below-average rainfall.

The total for 2008 wasn't much lower than the combined amount for the previous two years at 10.5 inches.

But last year started off wet, with a January that had almost twice as much rain as usual. That gave 2008 a cushion to work with in a late winter/early spring period that was very dry.