2Nd-grader takes Cards wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald to school

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Larry pays a visit to Gateway Point Elementary

PHOENIX - Talk about show and tell!

A Valley second grader took Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald to school with him.

After clinching a home playoff game on Sunday, Larry Fitzgerald wasn't resting up for the Cardinals' next game with Minnesota.

Instead, he gave a Mesa eight-year-old a day he will never forget.

"He's pretty famous," says Jacob Galindo as he watched Larry Fitzgerald pull into his school's parking lot in a limousine.

"One deep one," Larry Fitzgerald smiles down to 8-year-old Jacob Galindo as the Cardinals star palms a football and Jacob runs to catch Fitzgerald's toss.

Jacob Galindo lived out a dream this morning that most second graders would never imagine coming true.

The opportunity to play catch and go to school in high fashion with his idol, Cardinal receiver, Larry Fitzgerald.

The students at Jacob's school, Gateway Point Elementary in Gilbert, greeted the two like rock stars, and were even able to ask "Fitz," some questions.

"What does it feel like to be on the football field?" one young boy asked.

"Do you have any friends?" asked one little girl.

"Do I have any friends?" repeated Fitzgerald with a wide smile on his face.

The crowd of school children broke out into laughter.

The biggest cheers, though, came when Fitzgerald showed off his jumping ability on the basketball court.

The whole day was put together as part of the NFL's Take A Player to School initiative, a fitness program that gave Fitzgerald a good work out even on his day off.

"The whole day's been really fun," says Fitzgerald.

"Honestly, these kids bring so much enthusiasm. It makes what I do so much fun. I know that they're watching me and supporting me every week and pulling for our team to do well."

When asked about Jacob, Fitzgerald said it was a real treat to be around him, his family, and all his classmates.

How did Jacob get that golden ticket?

Jacob's older sister, Alicia, nominated him and herself through an online promotion of the NFL fitness program.