Man goes up in flames after propane hose leaks

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PHOENIX - A man died after attempting to fire up his barbecue grill Wednesday night.


Man catches fire during barbecue - A propane hose leaked and resulted in a man catching fire while barbequing.

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The Mesa Fire Department says the grill was inside the carport. They think the propane hose might have leaked and, with a spark, caught Dave Koltanuk, 63, on fire.

Bill Stout, a neighbor, says, "The outside of his house was up in flames."

When Stout noticed his neighbor's home was on fire he ran out to help yelling his name.

He explains, "He says 'Bill, I need help, I need help'. 'Dave, I don't know where you're at, I can't see you'. The whole place was full of smoke."

When they found each other Stout says he could not believe what he saw. "His head to his feet were on fire. He's got flames coming off his skin."

Mesa Fire says it looks as though propane gas leaked from the rubber hose that connects from the tank to the grill. Stout was able to cover his neighbor with blanket to extinguish the flames.

Koltanuk had third-degree burns over most of his body.