Jury hears letter from serial shooter to victim that survived

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PHOENIX (AP) - Jurors deciding whether a man convicted in the Phoenix area's Serial Shootings case deserves the death penalty listened to a letter he wrote to one of the survivors, apologizing and saying he won't ask for mercy.


UNCUT: Victim of serial killers reacts to Dieteman's letter - An UNCUT interview with Paul Patrick, who survived a shooting from the serial killers, reacts to a letter written to him by confessed killer Samuel Dieteman.

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The lead police investigator in the case read the letter while he was on the stand Tuesday.

The Jan. 9, 2009 letter was written by Samuel Dieteman to Paul Patrick, who nearly died when he was shot in the side while walking down the street in June 2006.

In the letter, Dieteman tells Patrick he has no explanation for shooting him and two other people and that he's sickened by his own actions.

The letter was read as part of the penalty phase trial for Dieteman, who pleaded guilty to two of the eight murders linked to a series of random shootings in 2005 and 2006.