Teen faces adult charges in infant son's drowning death

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Teen faces adult charges for infant's drowning

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AVONDALE - A 16-year-old faces child abuse and negligent homicide charges in the death of her 8-month-old son.

Forrest Day was in court on Wednesday where she learned which charges were filed against her. The charges stem from the death of her infant son, Elijah, at her parents' home in Avondale in late February.

"This has been hard for the whole family, you know, we're dealing with a lotand if that wasn't hard enough, now we're having to deal, to an extent, with the loss of our daughter," admits Kimberly Day, the suspect's mother.

Kimberly and James Day spoke to 3TV about their daughter, a teenager who police say left her 8-month-old baby in the bathtub with the plug open but the water running for perhaps up to 20 minutes.

She reportedly first went to get a towel before becoming distracted when she started reading some poetry. James tells 3TV, " Our daughter has suffered from depression in the past. This has been a horrible horrible tragedy for all of us and right now they'r e trying to try her as an adult.She doesn't need punishment, she needs help." Kimberly adds, "She shouldn't beshe's still a child."< /p>

As things stand now, Forrest Day is in custody facing the very real possibility of adult prosecution in the death of her son. It is a story that certainly seems to be a tragedy all the way around.