Valley teen proving to be mother's inspiration

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PHOENIX - Perfect attendance is not the only thing this Valley teenager has accomplished at just age 13.


UNCUT: Roxane Richards on son's achievement

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Roxane Richards tells us about her son, Darryl Richards and how he has made a difference in her life. Roxane just received her degree from Phoenix College as a paralegal. She says Darryl wants to follow in her footsteps and one day become a judge. She asks him to be fair and always try to help others in any way he can.

She shared their story with 3TV because she wants to let our community and the world know that good attitude and positive accomplishments can happen for everyone.

Not only has Darryl Richards had perfect attendance from kindergarten to the eight grade, but he has also helped his family overcome great adversity through his positive and encouraging attitude. She said that he has been an entrepreneur since age seven having helped her start her business and being, as she calls him, "the money man".

She says Darryl also likes sports and is now becoming involved with professional biking. Sharing stories like this one shows us how everyone can make a difference.