Hundreds rally in support of Israeli military action in Gaza

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Israel too harshly criticized by U.N.?

SCOTTSDALE - Thousands of Israeli troops armed with tanks and helicopters have taken over Gaza's largest city.

On Sunday militants fought at close range for the first full day of a ground offensive. They fought in open areas killing at least 64 Palestinian civilians since the ground assault began.

Americans are protesting the violence across the country and hundreds of people in the Valley are joining in.

The rally included prayers, speeches from Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon and other local officials, both Israeli and non-Israeli.

They are also recording video messages to send to the Israeli military. Many of the people tell 3TV they feel like Israel's been too harshly criticized by United Nations officials and the international media for going into Gaza.

They say their friends and relatives in Israel are the victims in all of this. On the other side a number of rallies against Israel's invasion of Gaza have taken place in the Valley over the last week.

The rally was organized by Women's Peace Groups and also an ASU Palestinian student group.

There are strong feelings in Arizona on both sides of this conflict going on literally on the other side of the globe.