Valley tenants with no hot water for 2 weeks are boiling mad

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Many haven't been able to shower

MESA - Hundreds of Valley residents have had no hot water for nearly two weeks.

The tenants are sick of being left in the cold at their apartments. They found a gas leak a couple of weeks ago and started digging. Now the entire complex is dug up while the residents are fed up.

A couple of weeks ago Mildred Demarco saw a worker in her yard. She explains, "I said, 'Excuse me, what are you looking for?' He said 'Gas.' I said, 'You have to be kidding me!' He said, 'no."

She and her neighbors were evacuated while crews dug and searched for the gas leak and now Demarco admits, "It looks like a war zone here."

A maze of trenches winds through the Meadows Apartment Complex in Mesa. It has become a dangerous playground for kids and the cause of nightmares for adults. Demarco says, "I had a horrible dream that I fell in the hole and was buried alive."

Worst of all, no gas means no hot water. Jane, another tenant, tells 3TV, "I look pretty grubby because I haven't been able to bathe for 12 days."

Demarco has been boiling water in her kitchen to wash her hair and she is boiling mad at the landlord. She tells 3TV, "They just don't care about the residents. If they did they'd be compensating us and they aren't doing that."

Managers at the complex and at company headquarters in California did not return our calls but sent gas leak updates quoting their lease, which tells tenants not to expect rent reductions for utility outages.

"We're all furious and sick to our stomachs," says Demarco.

Amidst the anger, there is hope as the new gas pipes are finally in and set to be inspected on Wednesday meaning the residents could finally shower again.