Chandler veteran in battle with bank

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CHANDLER -- A Chandler war veteran says he made a costly mistake over the Internet so he contacted 3 On Your Side for help.

Sydney Jordan has led quite a life. He was on the tail end of World War II. He was in the Korean War and even the Vietnam War.

But now, Jordan is fighting a new battle and it's with his bank.

As a war veteran you could say Jordan has been through a lot, even to this day.

"I've been to the hospital, I've had a quad bypass, prostate cancer, skin cancer and lung cancer," he said.

And at 79 you might not expect Jordan to be that much into the Internet, but in reality, he's on it all the time.

"It works to get out of the house and communicate with people that I've known in the service," he said.

Jordan says he even uses the Internet to take care of most of his bills, which he pays through automatic payments.

"It's easy," Jordan said. "It's real easy and convenient."

And Jordan says everything has run like clockwork up until recently anyway when he used the Internet to set up automatic payments for his mortgage.

The problem? While he was setting up those payments with Chase, his mortgage company, he made a mistake.

"I made two payments," Jordan said.

As a result, Jordan's $1,300 payment came out and then another $1,300 came out, leaving Jordan nearly $900 in the hole.

With absolutely no money, Jordan and his wife can't buy groceries and, in fact, they had to go to the food bank recently just so they could eat.

"It means we're going on a diet," Jordan said. "We can't go grocery shopping. We've got two kids to maintain. We can't pick up our medication, things like that."

According to Jordan, Chase told him it would be 15 days or longer to put that $1,300 back into his bank account.

Fifteen days -- a time frame Jordan says is unacceptable.

3 On Your Side got a hold of Chase and told them about this war veteran's situation and in less than 24 hours, not two weeks, Chase had Jordan's $1,300 mistake back in his account.

Jordan says he owes it all to 3 On Your Side.

Remember, Chase isn't to blame here because, after all, it was Jordan's mistake. But I do want to thank Chase for getting things done as quickly as they did and putting the money back into Jordan's account in just a day.