Dad fought for custody of son suspected of murdering him

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Dad fought for custody of son

ST JOHNS - There are new details about the 8-year-old boy accused of killing his father and another man.

3TV has obtained court papers that detail how the father fought to keep his son at home with him after a divorce. The murders happened last week in St. Johns, Arizona.

Now 3TV sheds new light on the love this father had for his little boy. The papers show that the father fought in court to keep custody of his son. He also fought to make sure his son went to church and was not exposed to things like second-hand smoke.

Court records obtained include handwritten letter from Vincent Romero. In them, he fights to keep custody of his son. Romero also talks about his ex-wife and son's relationship writing, "I am told I don't have the right to make her take him to church on Sundays or the right to tell her not to smoke around him. I might not have that right, but I think that is my responsibility."

He writes that his son was a "preemie" with underdeveloped lungs and every time he visits his mom he comes home hacking.

Romero also writes about how she allowed a total stranger to blow smoke in his ear thinking it would cure an undiagnosed ear ache and he writes that for a year and a half his ex-wife lived in Mississippi and saw her son a total of about two weeks.

Romero complains she lived in a travel trailer without plumbing and she "shacked up" with her boyfriend in Springerville. The papers are dated two years ago but since the deadly shooting six days ago the mother has been at her son's side in St. Johns, a tiny rural eastern Arizona town taken by storm.

One resident says, "My heart breaks for the child because I don't believe that he realized the consequences of his actions and he probably took the life of maybe somebody who loved him most and most dearly."

Neighbors like Tony Rackowitz who live just steps from the double murder scene suggest onlookers stop speculating and wondering what would cause a young son to allegedly kill his own father and father's friend. "From my perspective, there is nothing. It was a good family, hard working. They came they built the house, they were intent on making a living hereintent on making a life here, and that's, you can't ask for anything better.

Nevertheless, with an 8-year-old boy now accused of murder there are plenty of questions waiting to be asked.

The ex-wife's response to the father's accusations were not made available in the court documents. Both parents did have joint custody but the father had primary physical custody of his son.