Mesa confirms presence of parasite in pool

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MESA -- A pool at a Mesa junior high school had traces of the cryptosporidium parasite. Federal health officials say the parasite causes diarrhea.

City officials say a final report that came out Wednesday confirmed what a preliminary report had indicated -- the presence of the parasite in the Brimhall Junior High pool.

Another sample from Carson Junior High returned negative for the parasite which had forced closure of other Phoenix-area pools after residents reported falling sick.

A Mesa spokesman says the Brimhall pool has already been superchlorinated and there is no reason for residents to not use the pool.

Mesa authorities say the Maricopa County health department has also given the city the go-ahead to keep the pool open.

Samples from Brimhall and Carson were sent last Thursday to test for crypto as a precautionary measure.

Information from: East Valley Tribune/Scottsdale Tribune

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