Wild, windy weather in Valley; Dust and Hail in High Country

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Unusual weather for this time of year

FLAGSTAFF - Wind alerts are out for most of the state of Arizona as gusts are peaking in places at 60 mph.

The Arizona Department of Transportation closed Interstate 40 eastbound near Flagstaff and westbound near Winslow due to high winds and low visibility due to blowing dust on Friday.

At 11:00 a.m. winds in the Winslow area were blowing at a sustained rate of around 40 mph.

The Department of Public Safety is monitoring the stretch of road and might periodically close the strech of freeway if conditions worsen again.

The following are tips from DPS about driving in the high wind and blowing dust conditions:

-DPS recommends motorists seeing a dust storm approaching exit the freeway/highway at the first available off ramp.

- If you find yourself in a dust storm with limited visibility, slow down and use the lines on the roadway to guide you.

- If you find you're in a dust storm without visibility, pull completely off the freeway/highway into the dirt. Turn your lights off; take your foot off the brake, do not use your emergency flashers.Wait for the storm to pass.

- If your lights are on while you are pulled over during a dust storm, you stand a good chance of being struck by motorists trying to follow you thinking you're still moving along the roadway.

- Always stay in your vehicle with your safety belt fastened. Never exit until the dust storm has passed.