Mom of missing baby faces neglect charges

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Missing baby dropped off at market

UPDATE: The child was found a short time ago uninjured. She was turned in at the Ranch Market at 16th Street and Roosevelt by an unknown adult.

The child will be places in CPS custody.

The mother has been charged with neglecting her child because she is accused of leaving her baby for nearly 24 hours with someone she did not know and then forgetting where that person was.

ORIGINAL: PHOENIX - Phoenix police are looking for a missing nine-month-old baby, Chisette Ochoa. She is a Native American last seen wearing a pink dress, white beaded bracelet and in a pink stroller with flower design

Police believe the woman with Chisette now is a woman known as " Rose"; Native American, 41 years old; 5'2" and 200 pounds.

The following is from the Phoenix Police Department:

The adult mother of Chisette picked her up from a Day Care near 24th Street and McDowell about 6 P.M. last night.The mother then met up with two other I/F women and told investigators they were all drinking together.Later The mother went home by bus to the area of 6700 N. 22nd Avenue and left Chisette with one of the two women she had just met that night.

The mother went to sleep and called the Phoenix Police Department early this morning to ask for help finding Chisette.Investigators have been working all day.At 3:00 PM this afternoon the woman who is believed to have "Chisette" called the Day Care Center and said she was going to bring Chisette there but she has not shown up. The woman is believed to go by the name of "Rose".

ROSE IS NOT IN TROUBLE AND IS NOT A SUSPECT OF ANY CRIME.Investigators are asking you to put out his information in the hope someone knows where Chiesette is or that "Rose" will see and know she is NOTin trouble. "Rose" can take Chisette to any police or fire station or call "911" and we will come get her.