Siblings hit by car while riding same bike in Mesa

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Siblings were riding same bike

MESA - Two teens were sent to the hospital Wednesday night after being hit by an SUV.

Family members tell 3TV the brother flew at least 15 feet in the air and has head injuries. He had to be flown to the hospital but family members say he is awake.

Surveillance video captured footage just before the crash as the driver of a white Ford Explorer is about to turn onto a road and slam into a bike. The bike was carrying a 13 and 14-year-old brother and sister.

The siblings' mother says she is upset and scared. Her children were on their way home from school when police say they somehow veered into the street as they turned the corner.

And neither were wearing head protection or other safety equipment.

The family says the 13-year-old sister broke her foot and her brother has head injuries.

Both teens are expected to recover and police are still trying to determine who was at fault.

Police say this should be a warning to kids not to ride with more than one person on a single bicycle. Officers also say they found iPods at the scene although they were both off.