UPDATE: Woman arrested after baby's body found in backpack

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Infant's body found in desert


PHOENIX -- Police have made an arrest after a baby's body was found inside a backpack on the Gila River Indian Community last month.

Tribal police said they arrested Faith Caddo, 22, earlier this week.

She is believed to be the mother of the infant and is facing charges, including transport of a dead body onto the reservation.

The FBI is also investigating.


PHOENIX -- Authorities in the Gila River Indian Community are investigating after the body of an infant was found inside a backpack.

A Gila River police officer found the bag Monday afternoon while on patrol in the northeastern area of State Route 187.

Investigators say the light blue East Sport backpack was partially buried under some brush.

The officer removed the bag from the soil and discovered an infant's body inside. The body had been wrapped in a vinyl sheet and bound with clear plastic tape.

Detective Michael Lancaster said an autopsy Tuesday revealed the full-term baby was male. It is not known if the child was born alive or not.

Lancaster said the umbilical cord was still attached but it had been cut, which may indicate a home birth.

The cause of death has not been determined.

Lancaster said the child had been out in the desert a week or less.

Some women's handbags and clutch purses, baby clothing and a toddler's Dora the Explorer sandal were also found. Police hope those items will help identify the mother.

The Gila River Police Department is seeking the public's help to identify the infant. Anyone with information is asked to call investigators at 520-562-7144.