Chandler students head back to school

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Two new elementary schools open

CHANDLER -- Thousands of Chandler students headed back to school Monday morning.

Students in the Chandler Unified School District go year-round and have had one month off. Now, they're back for a three-month session.

There are 39 schools in the district and approximately 36,000 students enrolled.

Two new schools, Haley Elementary and Patterson Elementary, were opened this year to accommodate the growth in the area.

"We're really fortunate to serve a community that's growing so as the community grows, it means we have more young families and more kids that are enrolling in our schools and with that you have an increase in budget," said Chandler District spokesman Terry Locke. "So we're really fortunate that this is a young community."

The district added 15 minutes to the school day for high school students.

The Queen Creek School District also started classes Monday.