Cardinals NFC champs t-shirts ready to be printed

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Owner counting on Cardinals to win

PHOENIX - In just days the Arizona Cardinals will kick off in the NFC championship, but will they come out on top?

One Valley business owner says the red birds will win and he is printing the proof.

John Anton explains, "We're running 24 hours a day now." He says things could not be busier at Anton Sport. It is the company printing the official NFL shirts for the NFC champions and Anton has no doubt about which team's logo will be on the shirts. He says, "The Cardinals are going to win of course!"

And if they do he says, "We'll probably be printing for days straight, just getting those shirts out, around the clock."

3TV got a look at some of the possible t-shirt designs. Anton explains, "We got the artwork in this morning and we've already produced some proofs for the NFL to sign off on and then we're ready to go as soon as the game is over."

For now, boxes and boxes sit inside the warehouse waiting for the winning team's ink, a team Anton says is called the Arizona Cardinals. "The Cardinals are going to the Super Bowl!"