The Little Clinic may be just what the doctor ordered

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PHOENIX -- A lot of folks don't have healthcare so this just might be what the doctor ordered.

Even if you do have health insurance, this could save you time and money.

When Samantha Wackett wasn't feeling well, she didn't go to her doctor's office. Instead, she went to Fry's grocery store where she says she got the healthcare she needed.

"It's really easy," she said. "It's better than going to the doctor."

Apparently, grocery stores are not just for buying food anymore.

Fry's, along with other grocery stores across the nation, has partnered with a company called The Little Clinic found right inside the grocery store.

The Little Clinic is like a mini healthcare office where you can see a physician's assistant or a nurse practitioner when you don't feel well.

They can treat you for all kinds of minor illnesses like pink eye, bronchitis, strep throat and even the flu.

"It's very much like a doctor's office," Dr. Roger Green said. "We're staffed with advanced registered nurse practitioners and also physician's assistants who can manage common illnesses and write prescriptions."

If you have insurance, great. Chances are The Little Clinic accepts it. But if you don't, it's not a problem because there is a flat fee for being treated. In fact, most illnesses are treated for less than $59.

Green said the clinic can treat conditions such as sore throat, colds, coughs, flu, skin rashes and urinary tract infections. The clinic can also handle sports physicals and immunizations.

And the best part may be that there is usually no wait. You just walk in. That sure beats the alternative option.

"The out-of-pocket expense to an emergency room can be several hundred dollars if not higher where most presentations to The Little Clinic are around $59," Green said.

That's exactly what Wackett did. She avoided urgent care and instead headed to Fry's where she was seen in minutes at The Little Clinic. In fact, she's used The Little Clinic twice on different occasions.

Right now, five Valley Fry's have The Little Clinic and they're all located in north Phoenix and the West Valley. They're trying to open one in the East Valley.

The price of a basic checkup if you choose not to use insurance is just $59 and they're doing sports physicals for just $29.

The clinic is open seven days a week.

To find out which Fry's offer these clinics and to see their hours, visit .