Horne wants to ban ethnic studies in public schools

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ARIZONA - State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne is pushing legislation to ban ethnic studies courses from public schools.


AZ Superintendent wants to get rid of ethnic studies - azfamily.com's Tyler Baldwin reports that if Arizona Superintendent Tom Horne gets his way, there will be no more ethnic studies classes at public schools across the state.

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This bill could be introduced as early as Monday in the state Senate. If the bill passes it would effectively end all ethnic studies in Arizona, but it is aimed at a program called La Raza taught in the Tucson Unified School District.

TUSD implemented an ethnic studies program that allows students to voluntarily take classes that teach about historical events with an emphasis on minority leaders.

Within that program is the course called La Raza that has upset Horne. He says, "The thrust of these courses is to bash the United States and to tell the kids they are oppressed...to tell the students that the American society is hostile to Latinos, which is totally untrue."

Horne says he feels the course sheds a bad light on this country and contains an anti-American theme. "This is not a country of oppression. This is a country of opportunity."

TUSD is quick to point out that these classes are open to children of all races and genders. The students that do enroll in La Raza, for example, score higher on AIMS testing than those who do not."

While on the Paradise Valley School Board, Horne says he "single-handedly" put an end to a program on womens' studies.

Horne says he has enough support from the House and Senate to get the bill passed.