Alleged White supremacists accused in 2 hate crimes

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Suspected white supremacists

PHOENIX - Four men are under arrest for a suspected hate crime in Phoenix.

Police say they have video evidence of the alleged white supremacists which links the suspects to the victim.

Police say they don't want to name any specific gang because they don't want to give anyone status for the crime.

They did identify the four in custody; Chad James Kerns, Jamie Michael Lyon, Doolin Eugene Onion and Preston Clay Onion.

The crime occurred back in June of 2007 at a Walgreens at 35th Ave and Dunlap when two white men got into an altercation with a black man at the check-out.

Police say that man left, but returned a short while later. That is when as many as nine of the suspects stabbed the man in the abdomen.

Police arrested four of those suspects they believe were involved in this stabbing and a beating of a Hispanic man and a white woman who were together at a bar several months before.

Three of the four suspects have a criminal history.

They face charges of aggravated assault and participating in a gang.

All three of the victims spent a significant amount of time in the hospital, but are not releasing their identity to protect their safety.