Single vehicle rollover claims the life of one man

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PEORIA - The following is a press release from the Peoria Police Department:

A single vehicle roll-over crash claimed the life of a Peoria resident after he was ejected from his vehicle and the vehicle rolled over him.

At about 3:55 am on Sunday November 30th a Ford Explorer being driven by Douglas Scott,23, of Peoria was west bound on the Olive Avenue access road west of 75th Avenue when he drove off the roadway and rolled into an open dirt lot.

Scott was the only occupant of the vehicle and he was pinned under the vehicle after being ejected. Peoria Fire crews responded and found the victim to be deceased after he was extricated from under the vehicle.

The investigator from the Peoria Police Traffic Services Section believes the crash occurred due to excessive speed and impairment from alcohol. The driver was not wearing a seat belt would have most likely survived if he had been.

This crash is a tragic example of why wearing seat belts is vital to surviving a crash. Peoria Police and Fire Departments remind everyone to always wear your seat belt no matter how long your trip is, set an example for your children by always wearing your seat belt, always have children under 4'9" in a proper child seat or booster seat, children less than 40 pounds should be in a car seat, 40 pounds and over should use a booster seat until they are 4'9" tall, children 20 pounds and under and under 1 year old should always be rear facing, all children should be in the back seat until they are 12 years old.

If you need assistance with installing a child car seat or want to make sure it is installed correctly go to the web site for Safe Kids Maricopa County at and you can down load a list with the agencies that can help in the folder marked resources..