Toss those adapters! Charge your mobile devices without wires

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Cell phones and iPods and handheld game consoles, oh my! Electronic gadgets have become part of our everyday lives, and while they do different things, all of these gadgets have one thing in common. They need power. Sometimes I think I just don't have enough plugs in my house to charge everything at the same time -- at least not without a power strip. That's not terribly convenient, especially since my cat eats power cords. Imagine if you could charge all of your mobile devices at once with just one plug. Yes, one. Thanks to the brilliant folks at , you can.

Wire-free charging!

Charge your mobile devices without wires - Imagine if you could charge all of your mobile devices at once with just one plug.'s Scott Pasmore shows us something that lets you do just that. It's called WildCharge.

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Based in Boulder, Colo., WildCharge, founded in 2005, specializes in technology. The company's tagline is "Life unplugged!" and that's exactly what its technology does.

"Instead of plugging a power adapter into the wall and into the cell phone, you can place your cell phone on a charging pad and it's magically charged without wires," explained Greg Wolff, vice president of Products and Customer Integration. "It gets power just as if it were connected to the wall."

It really is that simple. Just lay your phone (or MP3 player or whatever) on the pad and you're good to go. You no longer need those bulky adapters and tangled cords. You know, the ones that work with just one device.

The WildCharge pad works with a variety of devices across multiple brands, and thanks to the recently introduced Universal Adapter for cell phones, wireless charging is easier than ever.

The new adapter is compatible with more than 150 devices made by major brands, including Blackberry, HTC, Motorola, Nokia and Sony Ericsson.

A similar tip for Nintendo DS is coming soon, as are skins for the iPhone and iPod touch (later this month!). Using skins and the Universal Adapter means making pretty much any mobile device WildCharge compatible is wicked simple -- no screwdriver required.

While the skins are built for specific devices, the new Universal Adapter is, well, universal. There are different tips for different phones, allowing the adapter to accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes, and we all know that phones comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Whether you go with a skin or the Universal Adapter comes down to a matter of taste. They work just the same. WildCharge simply wanted to give consumers options.

"There's a lot of choice in the accessory market, all sorts of cases and adapters for cell phones," Wolff said.

Looking at the skins or the swing arm of the Universal Adapter, you'll see four tiny metal dots. It's these nubs that transfer power from the charging pad to the device via electromagnetic induction. The geometry of the dots, the way they're laid out, means whatever device you're charging will always get the power it needs no matter how it's laying on the pad. You don't have to align the device any special way for it to charge. Just plunk it down. Those direct contacts mean there's no dangerous radiation or magnetic fields. And the device will continue to work as it charges, the same as if it were plugged in.

An extremely efficient method of charging mobile devices, it doesn't take any longer to charge a gadget via a WildCharge pad than it does the traditional plug-in-the-wall way. And because you can charge several devices at once, it actually takes less time.

Not only does the WildCharge pad rank high on the cool scale -- I can't tell you how many people stopped by my desk to check it out -- it's just plain old convenient.

"Once you start using it, you'll never stop," Wolff said. "It integrates into your lifestyle very well. You'll think, 'My gosh what was I doing without it?"

I can vouch for that. Not only is the technology convenient for the everyday consumer, it's a dream come true for travelers.

While the pad, Universal Adapter and skins are only available on the WildCharge Web site right now, that won't be the case for long. You're going to start seeing this technology in the stores later this year.

And don't be surprised if you start seeing it integrated into furniture. Imagine if your table charged your laptop while you were working. With WildCharge, that's a definite possibility. "Going forward we're going to continue to innovate, develop higher-powered versions of the product and extend use of the technology into many different areas," Wolff said.

Universal Adapters are available for $40; skins run $35. The pad is available for $50. Bundles go for $80. Find out more online at .