After getting refund 3 On Your Side makes donation to children's hospital

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PHOENIX - This report is sure to put a smile on your face. It is a follow up to a story we aired back in May.

In that report a Peoria woman wanted 3 On Your Side's help in getting a retail store to refund $200.

That store was gracious enough to work with us and they did refund the money. In turn, 3 On Your Side used that refund to help several children.

Like all kids, Lauren Krue, 14, just wants to cut loose and now she and her friends have the perfect place to do it.

"It's just like a get away from everything and just to be kind of normal and just have fun," she said.

Lauren, along with some of the kids at Phoenix Children's Hospital are being treated for serious illnesses.

But there is a room inside the hospital allows them and even their parents to have fun while they wait for their treatments.

"I enjoy it just as much as she does," Francisco Krue said. "I get to get in here and see the rest of the kids playing and giving fun and laughing."

On this day, many of the items these kids and parents are playing with were donated, all because of a report 3 On Your Side aired back in May.

In the previous report, Melanie Haynes claimed to be having problems with fabric that she purchased from JoAnn's.

Melanie told 3 On Your Side if we were successful in convincing JoAnn's to refund her $200, then 3 On Your Side could use the money anyway we wanted and we did.

3 On Your Side donated Melanie's refund to the Phoenix Children's Hospital, which used it to buy all kinds of supplies for kids to have fun.

"Our playrooms are safe zones for our kids where they can come and escape all the hospital medical stuff and just be kids," Cassie Wardle said.

Wardle is with Phoenix Children's Hospital and said the hospital put the $200 to good use.

"We were so excited when we received this donation because it allowed us to buy supplies we were running low on and just restock our playrooms," she said.

This money provided all the supplies like paint, glue, colors, anything needed for arts and crafts.

It was money definitely well spent.

"I'm in here all the time more than I'm home so it's nice to have the play room," Lauren said.

"She looks forward to the play room opening that's about the only thing she looks forward to," parent Mike Jones said.

By the way, the playroom where we donated that money is in the hospital's oncology unit where kids with cancer, kidney problems and blood disorders are treated.

A big thank you to JoAnn's for refunding the money, but more importantly, thank you to Melanie for allowing 3 On Your Side to donate her refund to a worthy cause.