Arpaio back in Guadalupe as new mayor's guest

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Arpaio returned to Guadalupe as guest

SCOTTSDALE - After crimes suppression sweeps and nearly losing its law enforcement, Sheriff Joe Arpaio is extending an olive branch to the town of Guadalupe.

Having signed a new contract with Guadalupe to provide it with law enforcement, the sheriff went there Thursday night talking about protection and a mutual respect.

While dozens protested outside for and against the sheriff, inside where the sheriff addressed the Guadalupe Town Council, the tone was much different.

Sheriff Joe says, "You made difficult decisions and I made difficult decisions. Let's see what we can do put the past behind us and look into the future."

Even when confronted by the former mayor and nemesis Rebecca Jimenez, the sheriff's tone remained softer. He said, "The real mission is to protect people who live in this town from criminals."< /p>

Still, much of the public there is scared. Mayor Frankie Montiel explains, "All the community members, especially youth, should feel safe when they see law enforcement and extra patrols."

One critic tells 3TV, "He came to a meeting, brought trailerb rought barricades."

Despite his critics, the sheriff says he will continue to show that force when necessary.

"I am responsible for safetyI will bring 200 deputies posse to protect. I will do it."

One Guadalupe resident admits, "We will have to swallow the pride with the sheriff."

Sheriff Joe promises better communication between his department and the town of Guadalupe and will aim to make people feel more comfortable with the deputies doing their job.