Think you've dodged that photo radar ticket?

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PHOENIX -- If you've been caught by photo radar and think you can dodge your ticket by simply dodging the process server, think again!

Most people know that if you don't respond to a photo radar ticket you get in the mail, then a process server has to actually deliver the ticket to you in person within 120 days.

If that doesn't happen, the photo radar ticket is usually dismissed.

But as it turns out just because you dodged the process server, it does not mean you're out of the woods.

Carrie Myers, like most people, needs her car to get around.

"I need to go to the bank, the grocery store, I need to go to work -- everything requires a car," she said.

But Myers just found out recently that she shouldn't have been driving at all and she won't be able to drive for another month because her driver's license has been suspended.

"My license is suspended for a ticket I never received and they don't even know that it's me," Myers said.

Here's the deal. A Scottsdale photo radar ticket was mailed to Myers' house, but she says she never received it.

A process server tried to physically serve the ticket to her, but she was never home.

In fact, a document obtained by 3 On Your Side confirms the process server attempted three times, but each time there was "no answer."

So what happened? Well, instead of dismissing the ticket, which frequently happens, a Scottsdale court approved something called "alternate service."

"I think it's relatively rare," attorney Susan Kayler said.

Kayler is that author of a book on photo radar. She says using the alternate service method is actually becoming more frequent because so many folks are dodging process servers. In other words, they're dodging that ticket.

"It's what's being used as a hammer to get people to pay a civil traffic violation," Kayler said.

But exactly what is alternate service? Well, it's permission to simply leave a notice on your doorstep and also mail you the notice one more time.

However, in Myers' case, she recently moved so she didn't get that document that was dropped on her doorstep. She says the same thing happened for the notice that was mailed, she didn't get it.

And because she did not respond to the so-called alternate service, Myers' driver's license was suspended.

"My license is suspended," she said. "I don't know what to do. I'm furious!"

For now, Myers is left stranded. She can't drive at all until later this month when she goes to court and tries to convince the judge she never knew about the photo radar ticket.

"It's frustrating that my license is suspended for a ticket that I don't think I got and I never received," Myers said.

Myers only found out she had a photo radar ticket because she went to MVD to change the address on her driver's license and they told her, "Your license is suspended."

She doesn't go to court for nearly a month but until then, she can't drive.