NAU student from NM struck by train

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FLAGSTAFF -- Police in Flagstaff say a 21-year-old Northern Arizona University student is dead after being hit by a train after an evening spent in a downtown bar.

Police Sgt. Tom Boughner says a train engineer and conductor saw Erin H. Bjorklund of Los Alamos, N.M., on the railroad tracks near downtown Flagstaff just before midnight on Friday. He says the train crew applied full brakes and sounded their horn several times.

He says Bjorklund turned around, faced the train and put her arms out but made no effort to get out of the way.

Police are investigating Bjorklund's death. Boughner said Tuesday she was seen drinking at a downtown bar about 45 minutes before being struck. An autopsy will determine if she was intoxicated.

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