Cops accused of stealing from home they were checking on

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Officers could lose their jobs

PHOENIX - Two veteran Phoenix police officers are accused of stealing from a home they were sent to protect.

3TV is told the victim in this case, the bank, does not want to prosecute so it is not a criminal issue but an ethical one. It is likely a violation of Phoenix police policy.

It was an empty bank-owned home that two Phoenix police officers were suppose to be checking on when sources tell 3TV the two instead took some baseball cards that were inside the abandoned home, possibly wanting to sell them online.

Mark Spencer, with PLEA, the police union, explains, "It was another officer, though who actually accused them of it or said he saw it happen. That's my understanding."

Members of PLEA say they are talking with the accused officers. They are veterans on the force and are assigned to the Central City Precinct.

Spencer says, "Al Jackson served the community well and honorably for 29 years, that's almost three decades, Marisol Larson, Officer Larson, she served for approximately seven years with great honor and effectiveness."

Phoenix police will not comment on their alleged theft but confirm they are looking into it.

3TV is told the house the accused officers were looking into was near 16th Street and McDowell. Spencer admits, "It's difficult for their family."

PLEA will not say what the officers are claiming as a defense but say the bank does not want to prosecute because it was, after all, abandoned property.

3TV is told the officers are set to go before the chief on Friday to plead their case. PLEA tells 3TV one officer could resign before that happens and the other could retire. If not, it is very likely they could lose their jobs.