Woman at rehab center found engulfed in flames

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PEORIA - A woman is in the hospital after she was burned on nearly half of her body.


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Now investigators are trying to figure out what caused her to catch on fire.

It happened at a rehab center in Peoria Wednesday morning.

The woman was reportedly smoking on a patio when employees noticed she was engulfed in flames.

They called the fire department and quickly rushed to her aid. The woman was airlifted to the hospital with burns on 40% of her body. Investigators are now looking into how she caught on fire but say no oxygen was involved.

Mike Tellef, with Peoria Fire, admits, "This is pretty strange. People just don't routinely spontaneously combust on a patio so we're going to be trying to figure out why she was on fire."

Three employees of the rehab center were hurt trying to help the woman but they are all expected to be okay.