Former Bachelorette suitor and Scottsdale business man talks to 3TV

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"So about two years ago I tried out for American Gladiators to be a contestant and within a month or so for The Bachelorette," explains Greg Bilbro. He says, "I actually thought I would make Gladiators and not Bachelorette and that's not how it went."


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Scottsdale resident Bilbro was among the latest group of suitors trying to win Jillian Harris's heart on The Bachelorette. Greg admits, "It's a lot of light, cameras, action. Lots of staff and lots of casting and producer people and 30 other guys."

While the 31-year-old would not get a rose to move on in the competition he says it was definitely worth making an appearance. " There's a little bit of that I thought I would get picked, but it wasn't that big of a deal. I was there for over a week and had a blast."

In fact Greg has been getting a lot of attention from national and local media since being on the show a couple weeks ago.

He explains, "For whatever reason it seems people, I don't know if its attracted to or interested in, but they just like to hear a story of an entrepreneur who believes in health, wealth and happiness and helping everyone out."

One reason may be because Greg is a successful entrepreneur. He has hands in all kinds of businesses from tanning salons to a contracting company. Greg says, "A lot of people think I'm an unfocused person because I've got ten things up in the air at once and I just tell those people they're not learning themselves what I've learned how to do."

When Greg is not busy running his companies, he does some fitness modeling, loves cooking and is training to become a professional sprinter. He admits, "I don't necessarily have goals of the Olympics although that's not a bad thing, but really competing in a world level, I think it would be great."

While it may seem like Greg does not have time to fit another thing into his busy lifestyle, finding the perfect mate is still at the top of his list. He says, "I'm trying to find someone that is better at what I do then what I do. So I would prefer the person to be more athletic, smarter, funnier, better looking, cooler and better educated. I'm looking for someone who can outdo me.