Cardinals Boldin fires agent Rosenhaus

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PHOENIX - There was a major breakthrough in the Anquan Boldin contract negotiations with the Arizona Cardinals. Boldin has fired his agent Drew Rosenhaus.

Rosenhaus is a guy that tried to be as divisive as possible and did more harm than good to Boldin's image and relationship with the Cardinals.

The much publicized contract dispute between Boldin and the team has been ongoing for two years now with Rosenhaus unable to force a trade or get the team back to the negotiating table.

Boldin filed the paperwork to remove Rosenhaus last Friday and can sign with a new agent as early as this week.

3TV has yet to speak with Boldin and while today on the surface is a positive development it doesn't guarantee that a deal can still be reached, but at the bare minimum it means Boldin will have a new voice and a new approach with the Cardinals.