Thousands called to appear in court for photo radar tickets today

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PHOENIX -- Some 3,600 people who were snapped by photo speed-enforcement cameras last month were supposed to appear in Maricopa County Court Monday -- in the same courtroom at the same time.

Scheduling snafu?

3,600 to appear in court today for photo radar tickets - Some 3,600 people are scheduled to make appearances in Maricopa County Court today -- in the same courtroom, at the same time -- for photo radar tickets.

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According to an internal memo sent out by county officials, crowd control and security might be concerns today at Maricopa County Court, which is located at Sixth Avenue and Jefferson Street. The memo said other courtrooms in the area were being contacted to see is people could be ushered there.

If no overflow is arranged, some people might be forced to wait outside once the courtroom's capacity is reached. It's forecast to be about 113 degrees today and most of the Valley is under an Excessive Heat Warning.

Video at 8:30 a.m. showed several people lining up outside the courthouse.

Members of, an organization that opposes the cameras, were also gathering in front of the courthouse to protest the use of speed-enforcement cameras.