Woman's credit card payment gets lost in cyberspace

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PHOENIX -- A Valley woman says she paid off her credit card balance in full, but try telling that to the credit card company.

She thought she was doing the right thing and, quite frankly, she was. She was paying off her credit card and getting out of debt.

But somehow her $1,900 payment was lost in cyberspace.

Gindira McLemore pays all of her bills on time and she usually uses the Internet to make those payments.

"It's kind of hard for the consumer because we are being pushed to do everything online and not have that customer contact," McLemore said.

But when McLemore tried to pay off a credit card by electronically transferring $1,900, the money came out of her checking account, but it never reached the credit card company.

"All I want is my $1,900 posted to my account and pay off my account," she said.

McLemore's bank even provided her with an electronic check proving the payment was made, but all the credit card company kept telling her was just send us another $1,900.

"I'm out $1,900 of course, ya know, it's not pocket change," she said.

McLemore says she has spent precious time on the phone trying to resolve the issue but gets nowhere.

"Anytime I call it's basically like starting over all over again, talking to a new representative," she said. "That person never knows what's going on. They tell me it's being worked on by the research department."

So, 3 On Your Side contacted the credit card company, which is Chase Bank, and they quickly got to the bottom of the matter.

Apparently, McLemore left off two numbers in her account number, which is why the money was lost in cyberspace. But Chase quickly located the money and McLemore's account is now paid in full.