DPS seizes over half a million dollars in July

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ARIZONA - The following is a release from the Arizona Department of Public Safety:

Several traffic stops by Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) officers along with efforts by DPS criminal investigators resulted in the seizure of $632,943 in drug money during July of 2008.All of the money seized was U.S. currency.

The largest money seizure by DPS during a single traffic stop occurred on July 25 when a DPS officer stopped a vehicle southbound on I-17 at milepost 223 (near New River) for a traffic violation.A consent search revealed $499,780 in U.S. currency in a false compartment.Another DPS officer stopped a vehicle that was following this particular vehicle.The driver of the second vehicle was the owner of the first vehicle.In addition to the currency, both vehicles were seized along with three handguns, numerous boxes of ammunition and two silencers.

This one traffic stop shows what law enforcement is facing in the ongoing battle against violent drug cartels doing business in Arizona.Thanks to the professionalism of these DPS officers, these arrests will help our criminal investigators follow the money that will hopefully lead to more arrests in the effort to keep our communities safe, said Roger Vanderpool, director of the Arizona Department of Public Safety.