UPDATE: Body of man accused of murdering wife found hanging from underpass

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UPDATE -- Friday, June 5:

YOUNGTOWN -- The body of Manuel Julio Alcantar, 35, was found hanging from a rope from a roadway underpass at Grand Avenue and Thunderbird Road.

According to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, a driver discovered the body at approximately 8:30 a.m. Friday.

MCSO spokesman Doug Matteson said Alcantar's death was a suicide.

Matteson said Alcantar had eluded capture since Wednesday afternoon after he escaped in a vehicle moments after cutting the throat of his estranged wife, Sabrina Alcantar.

The victim's family witnessed the killing.


YOUNGTOWN -- Investigators were called to the scene of a "brutal murder" in the West Valley city of Youngtown Wednesday morning and later surrounded a nearby home, searching for the suspect.

Suspect commits suicide

Victim found shot to death in middle of Youngtown street - Police were called to the scene of a deadly shooting in the West Valley city of Youngtown Wednesday morning.

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It happened near 111th and Montana avenues, a few blocks north of Peoria Avenue.

Officers said they discovered a body of an Hispanic woman in the middle of the street shortly after 6:30 a.m. There are reports that the victim had been shot in the neck, but investigators have not confirmed that, saying only that the victim was "brutally murdered."

Deputies said it started with a 911 call of a dometic fight in progress. The murder happened a short time later.

Family members of the victim, Sabrina Alcantar, 32, rushed to the scene. One of them even breaking through the police tape to get to her. The obviously distraught woman was escorted away.

Sheriff's deputies surrounded a home not far away, believing the suspect, an Hispanic male was inside. After a three-hour standoff, deputies discovered there was nobody inside the home.

MCSO is unsure how the suspect, who has been identified as Manuel Alcantar, escaped.

Investigators say Alcantar was the victim's husband and the couple have children together.

Investigators said the couple has a history of domestic problems.

Manuel Alcantar has a previous assault history and has served time in the Department of Corrections for violent crimes.

He is considered armed and dangerous.