Attorney issues statement on behalf of Stapley

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Don Stapley indicted by grand jury

This email is being transmitted by Kenneth Countryman, partner of Grant Woods, on behalf of Grant Woods, P.C. Mr. Woods is out of town and unavailable for comment but has been in touch with Supervisor Stapley. Supervisor Stapley issues the following statement through the law firm of Grant Woods, P.C.

Stapley statement:

My family has lived and worked in this Valley for more than 130 years. I carry proudly their name and their legacy and I expect to leave it to my children and grandchildren to carry on.

I have served in public office for 14 years. I'm proud of that service. I have always put the interest of the public first, including full and complete disclosure of any assets.

I stand falsely accused of failure to disclose financial information. I have disclosed all the information and income required by law during my time in office.

I am shocked and disappointed that such accusations are being made. I cannot fathom where these accusations came from or what motivated them, but if my integrity is being questioned, I assure you that I stand on my record of complete integrity and disclosure and will fight these allegations.

This matter should be quickly dismissed.

A challenge of this sort can happen to any one of us, in or out of public service. I trust a judicial review of these baseless charges will prove complete and entire disclosure on my part.

I remain proud of my legacy and of my work - and most importantly - of my record.