Spring breakers receive warning about partying in Mexico

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Warning: Don't go to Mexico for spring break

PHOENIX - Spring break is just around the corner and now some say you should stay home.

It is safe to say thousands of students will go south of the border for spring break but now one family who has spent years doing just that offers a very serious warning of their own.

Suzanne tells 3TV, "We believe the first blow was to the jugular vein cause he bled out rather quickly."

Suzanne's brother, 47-year-old Timothy, was robbed and killed earlier this month while vacationing in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

"I spoke to him before and mentioned the warnings," she said.

Suzanne does not want to be identified but wants people to understand the State Department's travel warnings exist for a reason. She explains, "It's not a destination. If it could happen to my brother who could take care of himself then I fear for those kids on spring break going down there not knowing what's going on."< /p>

Already the University of Arizona is discouraging students from traveling to Mexico on spring break. At Arizona State University, students are also being warned and offered safe spring break tips and already the news is making a difference.

One student tells 3TV, "I heard from my parents it's probably not safe to go," while another added, "I love being down there. I love the beaches, but not during this time period."

Another student admits, "I was going to go to Mexico, to Rocky Point, but because of the drug war, I'm not going."

The State Department says violence, especially on the U.S. Mexico border, has reached alarming levels with shoot-outs and kidnappings taking place in broad daylight.

Still some students are opting for that typical spring break. One student tells 3TV, "My parents are a wreck, they are like crazy but I will just call every day."

Tourism officials maintain there is a big distinction between border cities and popular resort areas. Still Suzanne says her brother is proof that random acts of violence and crime can happen anywhere. She advises, "Any city and foreign countryresearch where you are going."

Also what is unique this year is 3TV found far more students opting to stay home and work 40 hours, maybe not so much a sign of security concerns but economic ones.