No more photo radar cameras for motorists in Pinal County

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No more cams in Pinal County

PINAL COUNTY - Pinal County put the brakes on photo radar vans on Wednesday.

The Board of Supervisors there cut off their deal with Redlfex, the photo radar company so the photo radar vans and their flashing cameras are no more in Pinal County.

The state recently placed 100 photo radar cameras on Arizona highways. Sixty are stationary cameras and 40 are in mobile vans.

People 3TV talked to had mixed feelings about the freeway paparazzi. Kim Zajac says, "Just go the speed limit. It's not that big of a deal." But Perry Masterson disagrees, saying, "It's kind of a pain. It seems to be more of a distraction to drivers than anything."

Newly elected Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu says bringing an end to the cameras, at least in his county, was a campaign promise he was determined to keep. He explains, "There was only a $12,000 increase in revenue after paying for the salaries associated with photo radar and our accidents actually increased by 16%. So not only did it not have an impact of traffic safety, it almost cost us money."

3TV caught up with Sheriff Babeu at the swearing in ceremony for Gov. Jan Brewer. He says he feels that with her as governor there is a good chance the cameras will come down around the rest of the state. "I think she is fantastic, level-headed and I think she has heard from a lot of citizens on this issue."

3TV talked to a spokesperson for the governor who said everything is on the table and they are considering ending photo radar.