Family in need of place to stay after car plows through house

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Family needs place to live

PHOENIX - A Valley family got an unexpected visitor overnight and no we're not talking about Santa.

"I just wanted a nice Christmas dinner with the family! We're still trying to have it, but I know our next step is we gotta leave," Crystal Young said.

Crystal Young and her family are looking for a place to live on Christmas day, but not by choice.

"It was awful! just a large large smash and you could hear everything exploding and water pouring out!" she said.

This car smashed right through their master bedroom and it literally went all the way in!

"Anything that would be in your bedroom is gone, pretty much!" she said.

The walls, the closets, and the only bathroom are also badly damaged.

"There's no toilet, there's no sink, no nothing it'll drain right through the floor."

Understandably the Young's don't feel safe living in these conditions, but they have a bit of a dilemma with their landlord.

"He wont give me back my deposit and he'll only give me back January's rent, not enough to work with to move in to a home," she said.

The Young's aren't looking for a free a place to live they just want to move to a home in their price range, no more than $800 a month.

With so many houses up for sale or rent right now, Crystal hopes someone out there will be willing to work with her.

For now she's just happy to have her family.

"I'm just thankful that nobody got hurt no matter the condition were gonna get through this," she said.