Dozens of employees waiting on paycheck for 3 weeks

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Employees waited outside business

PHOENIX - In these tough times could you live without a paycheck for weeks?

That is what dozens of employees of a Phoenix call center have been doing and they still do not know when they will be getting paid.

On Friday the employees were told they would be paid Monday they are still waiting. The company tells 3TV these workers will have to wait but for how long is anybody's guess.

The writing outside of the building says they are hiring. It also says "Earn $400 to $2,000 a week plus bonuses and commission but right now these current employees are looking for their big paycheck.

That is because the doors at Web Developers of America in Phoenix are locked and employees have not been paid in three weeks.

One worker tells 3TV, "This is now the third day I've been told to wait for them to get paid but I don't see anybody."

Another employee simply stated, "I need my money!" Another man put it more simply by explaining, "Here we are broke, sad, depressed and it's the holidays."

Dave Garman, who is also waiting to get paid, tells 3TV, "I've got to pay rent today, and if I don't have any money I'm looking at eviction."

Garman is one of the more than 50 telemarketers waiting to get paid. He says, "I'm a disabled veteran so I have some income coming in that way but that's the reason I took a job."

Web Developers of America sells websites, according to records from the Arizona Corporation Commission. The owner, Sebastian Welch, established the business in February of this year. The business already has an unsatisfactory record with the Better Business Bureau.

3TV tried to contact Mr. Welch at his home in Peoria but no one came to the door.

Wadell Holman owns the building and is also a partner with Web Developers of America. He says they cannot pay their employees because they have not been paid either. "It's an unfortunate situation," he admits. "There's no way we can pay our employees if our merchant services isn't going to pay us."

As of right now Holman says he does not know when they will have the money to pay the employees.

Garman tells 3TV, "No one deserves to be treated this way. Nobody."

The company says the doors will remain closed until further notice.