A few simple tips to help you avoid being laid off

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Tips to help you keep your job

"We have people that we placed two or three years ago that are coming back now because there's been layoffs at the companies that we work for," admits Michael Hayes, with Momentum Specialized Staffing in Phoenix.

Those people join the more than 1 million others who are currently out of a job.

Hayes says, "Even when the economy recovers, it's not going to be a rocket ship so it's going to take time for people to get re-employed."

A recent Money Magazine article had some tips to help you avoid the pink slip.

"The first one is to stand out and step up." He explains, "They want people to not be invincible. Somebody that's going to volunteer projects, but then also do them, not a brown-nosers omebody that says, 'Hey I'm actually going to do this and take responsibility'."

Hayes says following that tip will be an advantage to those already working hard.

A second tip is to be a money maker. Hayes explains, "If you were someone in charge of getting lunches for a conference setting, you could bid it out to someone else. Come in and say, 'I got someone who can do lunches for $5 less.' That draws attention that you're somebody that has a focus on the bottom line for the company and an asset."

Also recommended is to not be a Debbie Downer. "Avoid the coffee break room and lunch room because this is where people generally go. For some reason, they think that's an invisible room to say whatever they want and generally that gets heard by somebody else. You don't want to be painted into hanging out with that crew."

Hayes says it is also a good idea to limit your cell phone usage, text messaging and Facebook time during office hours. " People see that and they're like, 'They must not be busy' or there's a lot of e-mail monitors and Web site monitoring and shopping online, looking at your buddies' Facebook pages, downloading videos off of your YouTube. You're just walking around with a sign to whack you."

While there are no guarantees you will not be given the pink slip, it does not hurt to try these out.

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