2 Year old boy drowns after falling into canal

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Parents did CPR

QUEEN CREEK -- Pinal County Sheriff's Office confirms that the 2 year-old boy found in a Queen Creek canal has died.

The boy was transported to Maricopa County Hospital after his parents found him in a canal. He was pronounced dead after arriving at the hospital.

The family has been notified of the death, but authoitiries are not going to release any names tonight.

Fire Department authorities tell 3TV that a 2 year old boy was found in a Queen Creek canal by his parents Friday evening.

The boy reportedly had gotten away from his parents and fell into the canal.

The parents pulled him out and began performing CPR.

According to Pinal County Sheriff's Office, the boy may have been under water for quite a while.

The incident occured near the 5000 block of E. Rogers Lane in Queen Creek.