Woman gets money back after TicketsNow tickets were invalid

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PHOENIX - 3 On Your Side is getting results after a Valley woman said she was ripped off by Ticketmaster.

Three months after Debbie Lesnick paid $250 to see Robin Williams live she got the money returned to her.

Trouble is, Lesnick never got to see her favorite comedian because her tickets she bought through TicketsNow.com were not valid.

"Come the day of the concert, find out guess what? Sold out, can't get in somebody's already in your seat." she said.

Lesnick was worried when her two tickets showed up in the mail, because they had someone else's name on them.

"That was a red flag as soon as I got that and they assured me that I'd be okay, that I would not have any problems," Lesnick said.

But it was a problem, a big problem. Lesnick was turned away at the door, which is what Jennifer McGirr hopes doesn't happen to her.

McGirr paid $520 for two tickets to see Fleetwood Mac next month at the Jobing.com Arena.

"When I got the ticket's FedExed to me it was just a photo copy with someone else's name on top," she said.

Sound familiar?

After seeing our first story McGirr e-mailed 3 On Your Side, concerned she'd run into the same problem.

"I'm very frustrated because I've talked to TicketsNow to try to come to some kind of compromise, get the tickets reissued in my name and I'm not getting any answers," she said.

Like Lesnick, McGirr was assured the tickets were valid and that she'd have no problem getting in to see the show.

"My ticket looks exactly like the lady's in the story and she didn't get in," McGirr said.

TicketsNow also told McGirr she'd get her money back if she ran into any trouble.

"You pay a lot of money hoping that you get good seats and now I'm just hoping to get in," she said.

After several months of waiting and wondering and help from 3 On Your Side, Lesnick did finally get her money back, but she wants to warn other customers.

"Definitely put it on a credit card so you have something to track back," Lesnick said.

McGirr wishes she could back track. Instead she'll have to wait until she gets to the door to know for sure whether she'll get to see the show.

"I'm sure there are things they can do to ensure that customers are going to get into see the show and I guess that's what we all want when we buy is confidence," McGirr said.

In a statement to 3 On Your Side, TicketsNow writes:

"Please know that this is an isolated incident and that TicketsNow has instituted a number of policies and procedures to help ensure that each of our customers enjoy a great event experience."

TicketsNow also sent us more information on their policies:

TicketsNow 100% Unconditional Guarantee - We guarantee that you will receive authentic tickets, in time for your event or we will provide a full refund. .

Presale Ticket Listing Policy

TicketsNow is the first and only ticket reseller that prevents postings on our marketplace until after tickets are made available to the general public. .

Vetted Professional Resellers

We go to great lengths to ensure that products we sell our authentic; this includes working with the Internet's largest inventory of licensed, professional resellers. These resellers must pass a rigid screening process before they are allowed to list on our marketplace. .

Policy to "Sell Your Tickets On TicketsNow"

Before fans are permitted to list and sell their event tickets through TicketsNow, they must agree to a set of terms and conditions, which include providing a valid credit card number and checking account information. .

Earlier this month, the U.S. Justice Department launched an investigation into Ticketmaster's ticket reselling practices.

3 On Your Side will continue to follow this story and will bring you any new developments.