Former police officer gets 30 days for brutal beating of man

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PHOENIX - Former Phoenix police Officer Benjamin Scarborough was sentenced in court Thursday to jail time and probation in the beating of a man outside a Tempe bar.

Victim speaks to 3TV

Scarborough broke down as he addressed the court moments before his was sentenced.

"Unfortunately Mr. Lake is not here so I would not be able to issue a personal apology to him," Scarborough said.

Ryan Lake was brutally beaten outside a Tempe bar back in March. Witnesses said Scarborough, who was off-duty at the time, punched and kicked Lake until he lost consciousness.

According to police reports, two other off-duty Phoenix cops Richard Ruff and Kenneth Palmer stood by during the attack.

"While I know what I did was wrong I have been actively seeking treatment through the VA hospital, seeking counseling, peer support, anger management classes," he said. "Anything I can do."< /p>

For the first time Scarborough spoke publically about his time in the military.

"As a soldier I was a great soldier and as a sergeant I was a better sergeant," he said. "I spent two years in Iraq and lost many close friends."

He went on to talk about the loss of his marriage and his house and his career.

Scarborough was sentenced to 30 days in the county jail and three years probation.

According to the victim's attorney, it doesn't compare to what Lake had to pay.

"He still has a lot ahead of him in terms of treatment and getting care for his medical condition and injuries," said Lake's attorney Mike O'Connor.

Scarborough will begin serving his 30 day jail sentence in March of 2009.