Baby critical after nearly drowning in bathtub

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BUCKEYE -- An 8-month-old baby is fighting for her life after nearly drowning in a bathtub Tuesday morning.

Uncut: Police discuss

UNCUT: Police discuss near drowning in Buckeye - A baby was air-lifted to a local hospital after she nearly drowned in a bathtub Tuesday morning.

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It happened in the far West Valley near Baseline and South Rooks roads in Buckeye.

According to the Phoenix Fire Department, the child's mother, Patricia Franzen, left the baby unattended in the tub and then walked away for an unknown amount of time.

When she came back, the baby was unresponsive and not breathing.

The parents performed CPR until Buckeye firefighters arrived and took over.

Buckeye police Lt. Jared Griffith said the child had a faint pulse and was breathing and was air-lifted to St. Joseph's Hospital for treatment.

The baby is listed in critical condition.

Buckeye police officers are investigating the incident.