West Valley speed cameras to start snapping

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GLENDALE - Speed cameras are set to be turned on in the West Valley.

Cameras on Loop 101 and I-10

Starting October 17, nine new cameras will begin to be activated over the next week along certain West Valley stretches of the Loop 101 and Interstate 10.

The locations include, southbound Loop 101 at McDowell Road, southbound Loop 101 at Indian School Road, southbound Loop 101 at Bethany Home Road, eastbound Loop 101 at 75th Avenue, eastbound Loop 101 at 59th Avenue, eastbound Loop 101 at 35th Avenue, eastbound I-10 at 287th Avenue, eastbound I-10 at Miller and eastbound I-10 at Watson.

Lt. James Warriner with DPS said the location of the cameras was determined by one of three criteria, areas with high collision rates, areas where two or more freeways connect, construction zones and high traffic areas.

If you are snapped for speeding you face a $165 ticket, which totals about $185 after tax.

If the speed you were driving at is under 85 mph then no points will go on your record. Anything above 85 mph is a criminal speeding violation and could run the risk of license and registration suspension.