Officials mum on boy who died after being electrocuted at ballpark

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Family of boy looking for answers

TUCSON - A Tucson family is looking for answers after an 8-year old boy was killed from a jolt of electricity in a park.

The investigation into his death begins and though electricity did kill the boy, officials say it was not lightning.

City workers began their investigation.They will bring in experts from Phoenix to help. They are also gathering electrical plans related to lighting on the fields.Lighting was installed on the fields 20 years ago.Like all baseball fields, electricity runs underground and up through light poles some 80-feet high.Authorities say Deshun Glover stood 10-feet from one of the poles, in a puddle of water, barefoot as he was electrocuted.

Victoria Hildebrand, Deshun's grandmother cannot stop thinking about it. She thinks Deshun would still be alive today had he been living with her.Child Protective Services took Deshun out of her care three years ago.At the time they felt her home was unsafe, that if Deshun lived there he may be electrocuted.

Hildebrand feels almost every emotion except joy.She has never lost a grandchild or a child.

The accident has shaken everyone up who was there. Paramedics never stopped trying to resuscitate him.

Authorities have factored out lightning as the cause of Deshun's death.As for what it was, officials told Fox 11 News in Tucson, "No comment. We don't know what the cause is at this point."< /p>