SoCal wildfires the worst in 20 years

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Charred landscape

MONTECITO, Calif. (AP) -- A fire chief in Santa Barbara, California says control of a wildfire that's destroyed more than 100 homes is "not even in sight."

Fire crews have been struggling to make gains against the fire before the winds pick up again.

Yesterday, evening winds known as "sundowners" pushed the fire with frightening speed, burning through mansions and setting hills aflame.

At least 13 people were hurt in the Mediterranean-style coastal town of Montecito.

Among those who fled with just minutes warning was actor Rob Lowe, who tells a TV station (KABC) that he and his children got out as the fire burned the entire mountain around his home. The home somehow was spared.

The fire broke out yesterday evening and spread to nearly 4 square miles by early today. It destroyed dozens of luxury homes and parts of a college campus in Montecito, and some homes in neighboring Santa Barbara.