School bus collision with 58 kids on board in Queen Creek

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Details on the wreck

QUEEN CREEK -- Rural Metro confirms that a school bus carrying 58 kids was involved in a collision Tuesday afternoon.

A bus accident occurred at the Skyline K-8 school in the Queen Creek area, when school let out.

The public information director in Pinal County tells 3TV a vehicle was illegally parked and partially blocking the bus exit. The first bus was able to maneuver around the illegally-parked car, but another bus ended up clipping the vehicle's back bumper.

The bus was going about 5 mph.

There were no major injuries but two children were transported by ambulance to local area hospitals. One was a 10-year-old boy complaining of foot and knee pain and a 9-year-old girl who was complaining of neck, shoulder, and abdomen pain.

All the other students were being transferred to another bus that will be driving them home. The accident is being investigated by Pinal County Sheriff's Office.