3 School buses, tow truck involved in bizarre I-10 collision

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5 students injured

PHOENIX -- A bizarre sequence of events lead to a collision on I-10 involving 3 school buses and a tow truck.

According to authorities, a heavy-duty tow truck was towing a school bus on I-10 when it clipped a school bus that was on the roadway.

The clipped school bus then crashed into another school bus travelling on I-10.

The collision disabled one of the 2 school buses involved in the crash, which then needed another tow truck to get it off the interstate.

106 students total were in the buses at the time of the collision. All students were checked for injuries, 5 were transported to the hospital.

The students were taken from the incident scene via charter bus to the Arizona Mills Mall where they could be picked up by parents.

The tow truck driver was cited for failing to control his vehicle.