Apartment complex's financial trouble puts family's refund in jeopardy

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PHOENIX -- Homeowners aren't the only people having housing problems right now. Renters are also dealing with their share of trouble.

The problem is a security deposit.

A Valley couple moved out of an apartment complex nearly a year ago, but despite paperwork saying they would get more than $600 back, they haven't received anything.

Holly Henschke always dreamed of having a big back yard.

That's exactly why she and her family moved into a home and moved out of an apartment complex called Tela Verde in Glendale.

"Having enlarged our family a bit, it really is nice to have a house and a yard, especially," she said. "That's the best part."

Henschke says they moved from Tela Verde Apartments back in August 2008 and before they left, management gave them a letter saying the complex would be mailing them a little over $500 in unused rent along with their $150 security deposit for a total of $651.

"The letter said that we would have received the check in, I think, 21 days," she said.

But 21 days has turned into seven months and Henschke still hasn't received that money.

"We had no reason to believe that we wouldn't get our deposit back because we'd never had any problem with them before," Henschke said.

3 On Your Side got involved and discovered Tela Verde Apartments is owned by a California company called The Bethany Group and, apparently, The Bethany Group is in financial trouble.

In fact, The Bethany Group has been profiled in several 3TV news reports just this week for such things as reportedly failing to pay for trash service, not paying employees like its maintenance workers and not paying its water bill, leaving tenants facing a water shutoff.

That's bad news for Henschke, who just wants her money, but knowing what 3 On Your Side has uncovered, it's not very likely she'll get her $600.

"Six hundred dollars is significant -- it's groceries, it's diapers, it's, ya know, the money we need to live," she said.

An employee from Tela Verde Apartments tells me The Bethany Group is going through bankruptcy, which, unfortunately, makes it a very slim chance that Henschke will get that money.